The Road to the Holidays

As October approaches and the weather slowly begins to go down in temperature my excitement builds inside like a warm cup of hot chocolate slowly being filled to the brim. The Holidays for me have always been a period of fun and happiness where the food is delicious, the weather is perfect, and the house is covered with festive decor. The scent of pumpkin scented candles around Halloween, the amount of delicious food such as Mashed Potatoes around Thanksgiving, and the sound of Christmas tunes through the radio around Christmas. These are all highlights of the last three months of the year for me. I enjoy the cool weather most of all. During the holidays is when I tend to go outside the most where I can experience the brisk chill wind against my face. After a walk outside in the frosty air I love coming back inside the house where I can sit in front of the glow of my TV while the warmth of the house engulfs me like a warm hug and a steaming cup of hot chocolate melts away my icy face as I watch my favorite holiday movie in my dimly lit room. The holidays are a time where family and friends get together for fun and games. This is one of the few times where my family gets together so it’s really nice to have everyone together cooking food and sharing stories. It’s during these times where the atmosphere around me goes from dull and boring to fun and exuberant. Hanging out friends, being with family, cooking delicious food, watching holiday movies, taking night walks in the cold air outside. These things and more are why the Holidays are my favorite times of the year where my happiness is at it’s peak and my stress is lowest.

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